Adoption Events

SASHA - Tan 7 month old

Please help! We rescued Sasha from a monitored pack of strays on Tue afternoon. She has a very large open wound that will need immediate medical attention. We are very low in funding to help another very sick dog, please help sponsor Sasha to assist in her recovery.

It took an overnight effort to catch Sasha and thanks to a volunteer helping, we were able to get her safely. Though in excruciating pain, Sasha showed no signs of aggression and knew we were here to help.

Please sponsor Sasha by donating to LAP hsbc 400-399978-838 or via PayPal on please Whatsapp receipts to Sheila stating "Sasha"

TILLY - Black Puppy 3 months

Tilly is a 3 month old stray in our monitored area, she has been hiding in a ditch, with a lot of effort and help of a volunteer, we managed to get her out. She needs immediate medical attention, on her tiny body - as u can see the wound is her whole abdomen...

LAP needs your help with Baby Tilly... Please sponsor her by depositing into LAP 400-399978-838 hsbc or via PayPal on and Whatsapp receipts to Sheila for a tax deductible receipt.