Adoption Contract

Adopted Animal Info New Owner Info
Name: ___________________________
Type: ___________________________
Breed: ___________________________
Sex: ___________________________
Age: ___________________________
Colour: ___________________________
Name Mr / Ms / Mrs: ___________________________
Address: ___________________________
E-mail: ___________________________
Tel: ___________________________
Signature: ___________________________
Date: ___________________________
LAP Lifelong Animal Protection Charity makes no charge for its services but hopes that those who appreciate what we are doing will make a generous donation so that we can continue to do our work. But we ask that, in return for giving you the above animal for adoption, you agree with the following:
I shall be responsible and take good care of the animal from the moment of signing this form to the end of his/her natural life.
All training will be by love and reward – never by threat or punishment.
I shall take him/her to a qualified veterinary surgeon for all advised regular checkups, immunizations and when the animal is ill or injured. I understand that LAP shall not be liable for an existing or latent injuries or disease or behavioural defects suffered by the animal. The costs of any and all the treatments (if any) required for the animal will be borne by me.
If the animal is not already desexed, I shall have him/her desexed by a qualified veterinary surgeon between 8 weeks and 5 months of age (BEFORE sexual maturity)
I shall inform LAP at once if problems arise and allow LAP to help.
On no account will I sell the animal or allow use for breeding or experimental purposes.
I shall not transfer ownership of the animal to another person without LAP's approval.
I understand that, should I fail to honour any part of the agreement, neglect or ill-treat the animal in any way, he/she may be reclaimed by LAP and all rights of ownership revoked.
Please help LAP Lifelong Animal Protection Charity in our continuing efforts to help the animals. We can only help them with your support. Please give generously and know you are making a difference. 100% of donations goes to caring for the animals.

LAP is an all volunteer organisation. Nobody receives any payment. All money received goes directly to help as many animals as possible.

LAP has no source of income other than the generosity of individual donors. Apart from money, we are always in need of volunteers for fostering, advertising, trapping, etc.