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    Domestic helper

  • Size of home

  • Size of outside area (garden / balcony / patio / roof)
    室外範圍 (花園 / 露台 / 平台 / 天台):

  • Number of people living in home

    Infants 嬰兒 (Under 3 歲以下)
    Children 小童 (3 - 12)
    Adolescents 少年 (12 - 18)
    Adults 成人 (19 - 65)
    Seniors 長者 (Over 65 歲以上)
  • Any other companion animals

    1. Dog (How many? / Breed / Sex / Neutered)
    是否已有犬隻,如有,數量 / 品種 / 性別 / 是否已絕育?

  • 2. Other pets (How many? / Breed / Sex / Neutered)
    是否已有其他寵物,如有,數量 / 品種 / 性別 / 是否已絕育?

  • 3. Where did you get your pets?

  • 4. How do you feel about having two dogs?

  • All household members at work during the day?
    If yes, for how long would a dog be left alone daily?

  • Where will your dog sleep at night?

  • Do you have basic knowledge on dog training?

  • Will you take your dog to a reputable trainer?

  • Which animal are you‎ looking to care for? (pls provide name if applicable)
    你希望領養哪類型寵物? (如許可,請提供寵物姓名) :

  • How did you hear about LAP?

  • Do you know that the dog must be spayed or neutered?

  • Does anyone in your home have animal related allergies?

  • Do you understand that adopters pay for the medical expenses?

  • Do you have the landlord / building management permission to have pets?
    您有房東 / 建築物管理權允許養寵物?

  • Do you have a family veterinarian? Please provide contact information:
    您有一個家庭獸醫? 請提供聯繫方式:

  • Have you had a dog before? Details? Where is your dog now?

  • Where will you keep your dog when no-one is at home?

  • Where would you walk your dogs
    (Type of environment / How often? / When)?
    您會帶同犬隻到什麼地方散步? 每天會散步多少次? 於什麼時間?

  • How much do you think it will cost to care for your dog each month. Please consider the cost of food, grooming, training veterinary care
    您認為飼養犬隻每月的平均開支需要多少? (請考慮食物、清潔、訓練及醫療等)

  • What will you do if you cannot keep the dog?

  • Will you be able/not able to keep a dog for his/her entire life?
    您能夠 / 不能夠一生飼養犬隻?

  • Please include any additional information that would help us to find that perfect family member for your home and environment.
    Our goal is to place our wonderful animals in lifetime homes where everyone is happy … dogs and humans.

For what reasons would you give up your dog? (Tick all that apply)

LAP is 100% volunteer. All donations are used to help the animals.
We rely on donations from individuals to continue to help abandoned animals.

Our rehoming fee is $1800 for dogs or $1500 for cats. Please keep in mind that our adoption fees don’t come close to covering all the costs of caring for hundreds of animals that come to us each year. Generous donations make up the difference. Thank you for your support and understanding.Our animals have a full medical examination for general good health, preliminary vaccination, and neutering when possible (depending on age).
狗隻的領養費用為$1800,貓隻為$1500。事實上,單靠收取領養費用是入不敷支的。一直以來,我們得到各界的慷慨捐助才得以維持運作。 在此,感謝您的支持和體諒。我們可供領養的小動物均巳完成健康檢查,疫苗注射和絕育手術(如年齡許可)

Terms and Conditions

In this document, the Applicant(s) will be referred to as the ADOPTER or I/We, and Lifelong Animal Protection Charity will be referred to as L.A.P.

The ADOPTER assumes full responsibility of the animal including but not limited to food bills, health care and general well-being.

  1. The ADOPTER agrees to contact L.A.P if the animal is lost for more than 24 hours or is stolen.
  2. The ADOPTER agrees to allow L.A.P. to periodically check to confirm the animal’s acceptance of the new environment and family and to ensure compliance with all Adoption Agreement conditions. This may include home visits and interviews. L.A.P retains the ultimate right to visit and examine the animal at any time even after the adoption process. L.A.P also retains the right to reclaim an animal when warranted because of neglect, abuse, inadequate home or veterinary care or breach of contract. The ADOPTER agrees to relinquish custody of an animal to L.A.P. immediately upon request without legal writ or order until the situation warranting the reclamation is rectified.
  3. The ADOPTER must notify L.A.P if at any time or for any reason the ADOPTER cannot keep the animal, and must return the animal to L.A.P. rather than transferring it to another household or surrendering it to a shelter or government kennel (AFCD). If the ADOPTER must return the animal to L.A.P., he/she agrees to give L.A.P. at least one week’s notice, so that a place can be found for the animal, or to pay the cost of boarding kennel fees. The ADOPTER returning an animal to L.A.P. must provide proof that the animal is current on vaccinations, or must pay the cost of bringing the vaccinations up to date. If the animal is a dog, the vaccinations must include kennel cough; and there must be proof the animal has received regular heartworm preventative. Otherwise, the ADOPTER will also be responsible for the cost of a heartworm test.
  4. The ADOPTER agrees that this animal will not be acquired as a surprise gift.
  5. The ADOPTER agrees that the animal will be kept as a house pet, not a kennel animal. Although a fenced yard is not required, an animal will be placed in a safe environment when left at home alone. Tie-outs are not substitutes for a fenced yard or run. L.A.P. does not recommend the use of invisible fencing.
  6. The ADOPTER will provide the animal with a current license in accordance to the bylaws of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong Special Administration Region.
  7. The ADOPTER agrees to notify L.A.P. of any change in address or phone number.
  8. The ADOPTER agrees to provide quality veterinary care for animals including, but not limited to, an annual vaccination on par with the legalization of the Hong Kong SAR. The ADOPTER shall also provide essentials grooming services for the pet.
  9. If euthanasia becomes necessary, the ADOPTER agrees to have a licensed veterinarian perform this service in a veterinary clinic, and not at an animal shelter.
  10. The ADOPTER shall pay L.A.P the cost of One Thousand Eight Hundred Hong Kong Dollars (1,800 HKD) in cash money being for the purpose of neutering / spaying of the requested animal.

I/We understand there are costs involved in maintaining an animal and hereby assume full responsibility for food bills, health care and licensing of any animal adopted from L.A.P

I/We understand that animals may carry diseases and parasites that may be transmissible to humans.

I/We understand that these zoonotic diseases may be transmitted to anyone, but people with suppressed immune systems (due to an immune disorder, cancer treatment, organ transplantation. etc.) are at greatest risk, and I/we hold no responsibility to L.A.P in any incident caused. Should it be necessary for L.A.P. to take legal action to recover this adopted animal or otherwise enforce provisions in this agreement, I/we agree to pay all court costs and legal expenses.

I/We agree L.A.P. shall not be responsible for any and all damage costs or expenses, liquidated or otherwise, incurred by the ADOPTER resulting from a placement including but not limited to damage or injury to persons or property by the animal and in this connection, the ADOPTER releases, indemnifies and holds L.A.P and its volunteers and staff harmless from any and all liability of any and every nature and cause directly or indirectly relating to this placement.

I/We hereby forever release, discharge and covenant to hold harmless L.A.P. and any other person, firm or corporation charged or chargeable with responsibility or liability, their heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns from any and all claims, damages, costs, expenses, loss of services, actions and causes of action belonging to the said ADOPTER(s) arising out of any actor occurrence for the present time and particularly on account of the adoption of an animal.

To procure the payment of said sum, the ADOPTER(s) hereby declare(s) that no representations about the nature of the animal or any representation regarding the nature and extent of legal liability or financial responsibility have induced the ADOPTER(s) to make this release and indemnity agreement.

I/We have read and understand all the terms of this adoption and agree to abide by all the terms and conditions stated above. The ADOPTER(s) affirm that the animal will be a companion animal, not used for hunting or fighting, or treated in such a way as to promote aggressive behavior.

If any provision of the Agreement is or becomes void or unenforceable by force or operation of law, the other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable. I/We understand that this animal was previously unwanted or lost and may have been rescued by L.A.P from a dangerous, unhealthy, and/or cruel situation. This could have long-lasting effects on the animal. I/We agree that L.A.P makes no representations or warranties about the condition, personality, or temperament of the animal. I/WE understand that any animal may be prone to medical or genetic conditions not readily evident.

L.A.P and its representatives accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused by any animal adopted.

I/we attest that the information provided on this application is true and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge. The entire Agreement between the parties is contained herein. Each clause, and the Terms and Conditions of Adoption in its entirety, have been read and understood by me/us. By signing this document I/we agree to adhere to the Terms and Conditions of the contract. I/we am/are signing of my/our own free will and not under duress of any kind. I/We affirm I/we have never been charged with animal cruelty, and am/are not an animal dealer or broker.

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